Unexpected car repairs should not get in the way of work or play. Let us help pay for the repairs so you can get back to what's most important.

We believe that having your car repaired should not be hassle or an unaffordable burden placed on you or your family. Unexpected car repairs can prevent you from to getting to work, school and doing the things you enjoy the most.


Many automotive repairs are NOT covered by car insurance or listed under a manufacturer's warranty, leaving drivers with costs in the $1,000s.

Scared you might need a new engine? Transmission? Radiator? Brakes? A/C? Or that the cosmetic damage to your car is out of your budget?

Don't be!


Here's where 90 Auto Repair Club comes in...


As long as you're a member, we will pay up to 90% of ANY auto repair bill.

Get started NOW with the piece of mind that if your car were to break down, we will help you pay for the costs and get back on the road fast!