What is 90 Auto Repair Club?

90 Auto Repair Club is a membership service that helps it's members pay for auto repair and maintenance costs in exchange for paying a monthly fee.

Is 90 Auto Repair Club an auto insurance company?

No! We're much better! We make it simple for you to pay for repairs and maintenance not covered by typical car insurance.

Is 90 Auto Repair Club similar to a car warranty?

Nope! We're hassle free! Many auto repairs, service and maintenance needs are not covered under warranty. We help you pay for those costs by paying a portion of the bill.

What kind of cars are eligible for 90 Auto Repair Club?

We accept cars, vans, SUVs, motorhomes and trucks made in 2000 or later.

What kind of vehicles are not eligible for 90 Auto Repair Club?

We do not accept boats or ATVs. Please contact us at 800-410-0803 if you have more questions.

Is 90 Auto Repair Club available nationwide?

Yes! We are happy to serve you in all 50 United States!

Can I cancel or pause my membership?

Yes! You may cancel or pause your membership at anytime for up to 2 months without losing your "Coverage Teir" by loggin into the site, calling us at 800-410-0803 or emailing us at If you resume your membership after 2 months or 60 you will start at the first Coverage Teir and will need to wait 4 months before submitting any repair requests.

Can I enroll more than 1 car?

Absolutely! We recommend you enroll all vehicles in your household. The vehicle(s) must be registered in your name to receive the benefits. With the Platinum Membership Plan, you will get 3 months free when you enroll a 2nd vehicle!

How does 90 Auto Repair Club pay for repairs?

Members are eligible for auto repair payments when: They have met all the requiremnts of the Membership Agreegment Their account is in good standing (up to date with monthly payments, not paused or cancelled membership) Have submitted the repair estimate to 90 Auto Repair Club for approval Have paid their portion directly to the repair company or dealership based on their Membership Plan and Coverage Teir

Do I have to take my car to a certain repair shop?

Yes. Members are able to choose from the following nationally recognized, ASE® certified service and repair companies or their dealership: Aamco Napa AutoCare Center Meineke Midas Firestone Jiffy Lube Pep Boys Goodyear MAACO Caliber Collision We may approve other companies for special circumstances if the company is nationally recognized and ASE® certified. Please contact us with any questions.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Membership Plan?

Sure! We understand your needs may change over time and we want to have you as a lifelong member! We allow you to upgrade or downgrade your membership once every 4 months or 3 times per year without losing your Coverage Teir. Members must wait 6 months from the date of their upgrade to submit a repair request if upgrading to the Platinum Membership Plan.

What documents are needed to start my membership?

1. Signed Membership Agreement Form 2. Signed Debit or Credit Card Authorization Form 3. Picture of your Drivers License 4. Picture or your Vehicle Registration 5. Picture of your Car Insurance Card Safe and Secure: We take your privacy seriously and value your membership. We will never sell or distribute your information to a 3rd party. These documents can be safely emailed to

What are different the Membership Plans?

We offer Silver, Gold and Platinum Membership Plans for you to pick from! Each have their own pricing and benefits based on what's important to you! Click here for more information: Membership Plans & Pricing

Does my Membership Plan cover mechanical and cosmetic repairs?

Yes! As long as you have the car repaired at one of our listed repair companies or your dealership.

What is 90 Auto Repair Club's "Money Back Guarantee"?

We want you to feel comfortable enrolling as a member with 90 Auto Repair Club. While our monthly membership fees are not refundable, if we for whatever reason are not able to pay for your repairs based on your Membership Plan and Coverage Teir, we will refund your monthly membership fees up to 12 months. Enroll with confidence!

What is a "Coverage Tier"?

Coverage Tiers is based on the 30/60/90 rule and is in regard to the length of time a customer has been a member in relation to the percentage of repair fees that 90 Auto Repair Club will pay. For example: Member for at least 30 days - we pay 30% of repair fees Member for at least 60 days - we pay 60% of repair fees Member for at least 90 days - we pay 90% of repair fees Members begin enjoying HUGE savings at 31 days and OUTSTANDING SAVINGS after 3 months and for life, as long as their account is in good standing! For more information click here: Coverage Tiers

How do I get 1 month free by referring a friend?

For every person that mentions your name when they enroll AND pays at least 1 month in membership fees, we will refund 1 month of membership fees for you.

What does "Transferable Membership" mean?

Both the Gold Membership Plan and Platinum Membership Plan offer transferrable membership. This means that if you get a new car, you can transfer your current membership to the new car without losing your vested Coverage Tier. Example A: Matt has been a member for 2 years and enjoys 90% of repair cost coverage in Coverage Tier 3. Matt sells his Jeep and gets a new sedan. Under the Gold or Platinum Membership Plan, Matt is able to transfer his 2 year vested Coverage Tier 3 and keep the benefit of 90% repair cost payments without having to go back to "zero coverage" and wait 4 months for coverage. Example B: Susan has been a member for 5 months and is in Coverage Teir 1 and enjoys 30% of repair cost coverage. Susan trades her car in for an SUV. Under the Gold or Platinum Membership Plan, Susan is able to transfer her 5 month vested Coverage Tier 1 and keep the benefit of 30% repair cost payments without having to go back to "zero coverage" and wait 4 months for coverage. The vehicle must be registered to the existing member and a new Membership Agreement must be signed and submitted along with a copy of the new vehicle's registration. Members may contact 90 Auto Repair Club directly at 800-410-0803 or to transfer their membership to their new car.